Uterine Fibroids  can impair fertility and cause specific pregnancy complications However, the process of treating fibroids can also lead to morbidity and subsequent fertility impairment. The “gold standard” for women desiring fertility remains surgical myomectomy due to long experience with that mode of treatment Rare but sometimes serious complications have been well described for surgical approaches .

Some case series of deliveries suggest that uterine fibroids themselves may be associated with higher complication rates during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, while others suggest only an increased risk of cesarean delivery. Other trials suggest that the surgical treatment of Fibroid may lead to preterm deliveries and a potential rupture of the uterus in delivery, therefore in most cases the women will be required to undergo C-Section instead of vaginal delivery.

More than 140 deliveries after the treatment of focused ultrasound have been reported to date. The rate of preterm deliveries in these pregnancies was very low as well as the C-section rate.

For all the above it seems that the treatment of focused ultrasound to treat fibroids for women who would like to conceive, may be a safe and effective way.

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